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I switched banks just to get a disney themed card.



Hong kong’s disneyland it’s a small world: Philippines 

Kinect Disneyland Adventures - Knight and Bride concepts by Clair Hummel (a.k.a. shoomlah)
Anonymous sent: I think it's a shame that blogs like this ruin the magic of the Disney Parks. I'm sure you put a lot of effort into it, but the parks are a lot better enjoyed not thinking about how everything works all the time. I know that Disney is very open towards the workings of attractions/shows nowadays, but having backstage photos online showing parts of character costumes and guessing how that all works just goes a bit too far. And now I shall await the usual "Then don't visit this blog" reply…


Nah, no “don’t visit this blog” reply. You get to make your own decision on that.

What I will do is point out that Walt Disney himself spent a great deal of time showing people how things worked when he was alive. Ever since using the Disneyland TV show on ABC to share updates on the park as it was being built,

…to sharing with us preparations for the 1964 World’s Fair,

…Walt was never one to act like the knowledge of how things worked was in any way sacred.

Walt taught us about audio animatronics,

…he showed us how the multi-plane camera worked to make cartoons look more realistic,

…he showed us the scale models of attractions that were being planned,

…he showed us how cartoons were made.

Somehow, in recent years, some of that thirst for sharing knowledge has been lost. Some people have started treating this information as something that shouldn’t be public, like we’re supposed to just accept that it is “magic” and move on.

Walt Disney was an entertainer, and he loved to blow people away with fantastic new effects and attractions.

Walt Disney was also a teacher who loved to educate. He understood that imagination requires knowledge in order to become reality.

If there was one thing Walt loved more than blowing your mind, it was explaining how he had done it (or how he would do it in the future).

As with all entertainment, there is a suspension of disbelief that comes into play when you are experiencing it. But that doesn’t mean that the secrets behind how its done should never be shared.

Walt Disney took us on amazing journeys - but he didn’t hoard the road map, he shared it with us. Whether or not you want to read the map is entirely your choice.


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